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Multimedia Tools

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Multimedia Presentation









Powerful Tools that offer Multiple Means of Representation, Expression and Engagement


Today's readily available multi-media presentation options can be used in an almost infinite variety of ways by learners and teachers.  These are quintessential UDL tools, offering...


  • multiple means of representation for ALL learners
  • multiple means of expression for ALL learners

  • multiple means of engagement for ALL learners and teachers


With new alternatives appearing all the time, especially online, it is impossible to catalog the available modes of expression and ways of representing learning.  The potential for engaging learners is equally unlimited.


Digital storytelling and  multi-media presentation options are inclusive because they level the playing field for learners with diverse learning needs.  When using technology that is freely available today, anyone can create a high quality product, and any author can take pride in his or her work.


1.  Multimedia Presentation -- Online Options


There is a separate page for each online option.  Each option is described briefly, and there is a link to it's website.  There are also examples to illustrate the presentation tool in use.


2. Multimedia Presentation with Photo Story 3


3.  Resources for Multimedia Presentations








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